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Here’s Why Kimbal Musk Just Dumped the Hell Outta Tesla Stock.

If ya didn’t know, Elon has a bro. His name is Kimbal. And Kimbal has just about had it

with holding a ton of Tesla. According to the Entrepreneur, Kim dumped almost

90,000 shares of the hottest EV stock on the market. The dump was so huge that

Tesla dropped 5% because of it.

Now I’m sure if you’re anything like me you’re wondering why would bro dump his

bro’s shit? Support your bro Kim! No but seriously, apparently this was done as a tax

avoidance. This all started with a tweet Elon made:

How does this make me feel?

Now I’m not gonna lie this doesn’t make me feel anything. Elon can do whatever he

pleases. I do find it interesting that Elon ironically initiated a sell-off on his own stock

publicly. Normally if a CEO sells off shares of his or her company it’s done behind

the scenes. No one wants the tailwind that typically comes with that sorta shit.

However, Elon does it and aside from his brother dumping it seems like Tesla is doing

just fine. Shit I wouldn’t be surprised if he posts a meme tomorrow and makes the

price shoot back up. Guess we’ll just have to see!

Is Kimbal a bad brother for selling his brother’s stock?