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Squid Game Scammers Run Off with Millions in Newest Memecoin Heist.

That’s right y’all the Squid Game scammers we’re in rare form recently after profiting

from the newest memecoin on the block – $SQUID . Sources say the squid game

token is all the rage with the kids and it’s no surprise why. Squid Game is the highest

streamed show in Netflix histroy which means creating and selling a crypto around it

is just as buzzworthy.

So what is the Squid Game Memecoin?

To answer this first we gotta talk about memecoins in general. Memecoins are an off-

shoot niche in cryptocurrency where people create coins motivated by an internet fad

in order to churn a profit. It’s pretty much a janky way to make a shitty coin in crypto.

Most of the time the coin is created with a memorable name and zero use case. What

scares me about memecoins is how popular they are. People hop on these coins

because they’re quite cheap and the smallest things can force it to pump.

A lot of us witnessed this when we saw Dogecoin spike after Elon Musk mentioned it

a few times on Twitter. Only for it to go spiraling down along with the Dogecoin

Millionaire. Whatever happened to that guy? Hope he’s okay. In the last three months

alone there’s been dozens of new memecoins. Shit, I even heard there’s a Boobcoin.

Don’t worry though that one’s been around for a while now I hear.

What’s the future of memecoins?

It depends on who you ask. To me, memecoins are just a natural extension of crypto.

Think about it like a tokenized GIF (no not NFTs). At any moment there’s a social fad

or viral sensation that takes the internet by storm. As a result, someone is always

gonna see it as a chance to create a silly ass coin and monetize it.

How do you feel about the Squid Game Coin?