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After 3 Years Grimes and Elon Musk Announce They’re Breaking Up.

I hate to say it yall, but the power couple that we’ve all come to know is splitting.

What’s space finna do? Where will Dogecoin end up? And how will Tesla continue?

Jokes aside for a second. When I read this news I was more interested in the

spousal obligations. What does Elon pay in alimony? Do they get joint custody? Does

Grimes get a huge payout?

Now hear me out, I’m not about to act like I know the inner workings of Grimes and

Elon but I do believe that this split has some financial undertones. I think assets will

come into question especially when it comes to crypto. Elon and Grimes have worked

together on a few projects and I think this breakup can change a few things. The hope

is that they have the best interest of their child which I’m sure they do.

How do you feel about Grimes and Elon’s break up?