Five Crypto Coins to Watch in 2022.

If you are on social media platforms or have an excellent network of friends, you must have heard about cryptocurrency. This term has become the talk, with thousands of cryptocurrencies coming onto the board.

Many people are securing their assets in cryptocurrency. However, what is cryptocurrency? How safe is it to invest in crypto coins? And in which crypto coins should you consider in the coming year.

If you have these questions, keep reading. We will give you detailed info, especially the crypto coins to watch in 2022. Let’s get stuck right away!

What is Cryptocurrency?

We can define cryptocurrencies as systems in the blockchain that allow you to safe payments online.

The term “cryptocurrency” is made from two names: “crypto” stands for the encryption algorithms and cryptographic technologies that guard the entrances, e.g., elliptical curve encryption and public-private key pairs. And “Currency” means money or systems of money.

How Safe is Investing in Cryptocurrency?

Investing in cryptocurrency is not only safe but also very profitable. If well done, it offers you a chance to grow your assets in a short margin of time due to its volatility. 

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and this acts as a massive advantage to investors. For example, at the beginning of this year (2021), many people obtained considerable amounts of money since the crypto market was on a bull run.  

By the end of April 2021, the crypto market crashed, downing the values of almost all cryptocurrencies. Looking at Bitcoin, it went down in currency to $30,000. But, it has already recovered to over $58,650.

This means that, though the high volatility can lead to investors losing their money when the markets crash, they can recover all of it and more when the market surges. 

Besides, crypto coins are very secure; hence you do not need to worry about losing your money to fraudsters. They use cryptography, making them very safe. In transacting with crypto coins, there are no intermediaries. That said, which coins should we focus on in 2022?

Five Crypto Coins to Watch in 2022.

Bitcoin – $10,000 by mid-2022

We cannot talk of crypto coins without mentioning Bitcoin. It was the first in the market and is also the topmost in terms of value and popularity currently.

Hence, in 2022, the trend is going to be the same. There are only 21 million bitcoins, which does not change; this keeps this coin floating and growing. Analysts project that the coin could hit the $10,000 mark by mid-2022.

Looking at the current trends, the value of bitcoin has been fluctuating between $30,000 and $70000. Given that many investors have been drawn into bitcoins expect the value to keep rising.  

Ethereum – Over $17000 by the end of 2022

After Bitcoin, Ethereum comes second in the market in terms of value and popularity. The coin also has a great potential for blockchain technology due to its role in the expansion of decentralized finance. With the current market trends, its valuation is likely to hit $17,183 by the end of next year.

Etherium has followed a rising trend since the beginning of the year, and this trend is expected to go up in the coming years. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has maintained constant growth. 

One thing that has massively contributed to the popularity (and demand) of Etherium is the increase in demand for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Also, the launch of Etherium 2:0, which further guarantees the security of online transactions, is another factor.

This has been immensely contributed towards by the coin’s new protocol, Constantinople. This feature makes the cryptocurrency safer and increases the speed of transactions. Now you no longer need to wait for long while carrying out an Etherium transaction. You can have more than 15 transactions per second.

Ripple – Up to $10 y the end of 2022

Ripple comes third in our rankings. It is focused on completing the integration of blockchain into banking. Because of its network, the coin continues to have great potential in the market. Likewise, banks are developing and improving to integrate their payment details around Ripple.

For instance, the cooperation of MoneyGram and Ripple has not only increased the value of the coin but has given investors an opportunity for bank transfers. It has been actively making transactions between USA and Mexico. The cost of XRP is around $1.5. However, this value is likely to go up to $10 in 2022.

Binance Coin (BNB) – $1141 by the end of 2022

Like Ethereum, the coin has been constantly in development. In the past year, it has experienced a whopping increase in its value – it was trading at $37 in January 2021. Since then, it has been on a fantastic run, hitting an all-time high of $686 in May. This trend is projected to continue in 2022.

The increase in the number of businesses accepting BNB has prompted its value to be on the rise. The coin, which is managed by a strong team of professionals, shows massive potential growth in the future. 

The constant increase of BNB’s functionality and the action of burning some of the coins from time to time has boosted it to the third position in terms of market capitalization in the crypto space. The only risk is that it’s tied to the Binance platform. So the coin will lose some of its value if the platform loses its popularity.

Litecoin – $323 by the end of 2022

This crypto coin was launched in 2011, and its value has been on the rise since then. It is focused on offering the lowest commission on transactions globally. It was developed from bitcoin, and just like bitcoin, it has become the most popular and successful altcoin.

Litecoin started 2021 at $124, and since then, it has been on a continuous increase. The coin was trading at $168 at the writing of this review.

Currently, Litecoins assets are at 84 million units. The transaction with Litecoin is swift, saving your time. Since it started to accept PayPal, we’ve seen a massive increase in its popularity. 

Consideration to Make Before Joining the Crypto Market

  1. Investing in crypto coins can be very profitable, and you can make losses as well. Hence be careful and invest what you can afford to lose.
  2. Carry out intensive research before investing in cryptocurrency. Some crypto coins are scams.
  3. Oversee the trends of every coin to avoid losing your hard-earned money. 


The talk on cryptocurrency will never end as every year it becomes better. A good number of crypto coins are consecutively rising in value, and many investors are profiting from that. The most exciting part is that some cryptocurrencies have been integrated into bank transactions, and many outlets accept crypto coins. 

Hence, having seen the current trends, we recommend investing in some or all of the crypto coins that we’ve mentioned above. However, you should do this with caution and do more research on the crypto you intend to invest in.


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