Did You Pick the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Target Generation?

Marketing strategies are trickier than they seem. 

Different generations reflect huge variations in their response to different marketing.

Before starting a marketing campaign, you need to be very sure about who your

target people are and how they react to things!

The primary focus of every product/service is the market they need to serve which is

based on 2 major generations:

Gen Z (9 -24 yrs)

Millennials (24 – 40 yrs)

Well, there are thousands of studies talking about how these generations have a very

different style of thinking, living, and executing things in their lives. With some basic

study of what their world revolves around, you can hit the bull’s eye and get maximum

output out of your marketing.

Gen Z and Millennials react differently to marketing strategies and hence, buy


If you are quite confused about your target audience, here’s a little study to pick your

best fit.

  • Gen Z expects more innovation and puts themselves to it too.
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Creativity is the heart of marketing and there’s no end to making it better. While

Millennials lookout for creativity as a mere factor, Gen Zs totally rely on creativity for

their judgment.

They are more likely to look out for new products/services that attract their attention

and often fall for creativity than Millennials.

Also, as they have grown up in rapid innovation, Gen Z likes when things are taken to

digital platforms and tends to get influenced by it.

  • Gaining the trust of a Gen Z and impressing them is slightly more difficult than that of millennials.
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Brand image and trust are what takes it forward, right?

If you don’t have an authentic presence and your customers can’t trust you, you are

already out of the game. Every marketing campaign is an opportunity to build more

trust and establish a great image.

In a recent study, it has been revealed that only 42 % of Gen Z trust the companies

with their personal data & these numbers continue to fall significantly. They need

more to trust the companies back.

So, start brainstorming on what can make them pick you blindly.

  • Gen Z is more focused on money and tends to find ways to earn it early.
Serious man using plastic card while making online shopping on smartphone on street

This is a psychological trait that can help you persuade your target audience with a

“Big Sale” or “Great Offer” scheme. Offer products/services with an exciting offer to

make them come your way. Millennials tend to watch out for their money and don’t

like to go reckless with it.

While Gen Zs are figuring out a way to earn it early, Millennials worry about saving

more. Hence, this is a win-win for both generations.

Making it affordable will help you broaden your spectrum.

  • Gen Z prefers more pragmatic approaches while millennials choose to take the idealistic path.

Most of the Gen Z’s have been raised during recessions while Millennials during the

economic boom which influences their approach towards money.

Our beliefs about money are influenced by where we are born, what time, generation,

economy, and what we are taught about it. A keen understanding of which generation

you are dealing with, and what’s an average money mindset there, would help you go

miles. Hence, the most successful marketing towards a Gen Z would be smart

investments and long-term values.

  • Gen Z is likely to be more impatient and impulsive about their feelings, emotions, and choices but that sometimes, yield good results.
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Well, this one is pretty clear. We are known to be a generation of “impatiens”. We like

when things are faster, better, and save a lot of time or are automated. That surely

speaks about our lack of patience.

Gen Zs would easily drift towards things that make their life easier and do not make

them wait longer. Hence, making your marketing schemes smaller, crisps, more

influential, and with fast services would help you connect better with them.

  • Gen Zs are less confident and likely to spend more time making themselves feel more secure.
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Well, what can I say, we are also a generation having so many emotional issues. We

tend to feel more inferior, less-confident and question our self-worth in this fast-

moving world. We need constant assurance as compared to Millennials who are quite

secure about what they do, how they look, and where they stand in their life. Gen Zs

appreciate things that connect with them on an emotional level and make them feel

better about themselves.

Something they can assume understands what’s going on in their head and heart.

So,a marketing scheme based on the emotional aspects might work wonders for Gen

Z’s relating it to their own experiences, traumas, and fears.

  • Millennials tend to appreciate authenticity but Gen Z took it to a new level.
Woman in White Dress Shirt and Black Vest

Brands being authentic is the best they can do.

While millennials always appreciated it, Gen Z loves it when more real people are

involved with the marketing and share their own experiences without a filter.

So take your brand out there and establish a human touch if Gen Zs are your target.

What caused these personality differences?

  • Modern education: It focuses on the overall development of a child and makes them
    more open to talking about every aspect of their life, making them smarter.
  • Parenting: Parenting surely has evolved a lot. In today’s time, friendliness gives kids a push to make independent decisions for themselves.
  • More exposure to content: With extreme exposure to the good and the bad, it has somehow created a lot of personality differences. Gen Zs are much more aware and sometimes vulnerable too. 
  • Gen z’s decisions depend more on social media and the digital world.
  • The easier availability of resources for gen z made them slightly impatient, impulsive, and stubborn.

Hope this article gave you a lot to understand about the major audience out there and

gave you a clue to pick the right one!

Thanks and Regards,

Shweta Pandey.


About the author

Shweta Pandey, is a software engineer, feminist with a great passion for writing, which sets her into her venture of recently publishing her first book, “Why Dare to Dull her?” and her mindful blog High Spirit Sparkle, a platform to get your mindset ready to win, no matter what!