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Early Crypto Adoption, NFTs, and Upcoming Projects w/ Crypto Cam.

During today’s Q+A I got to catch up with my favorite NFT expert Crypto Cam. Since

jumping on Money Twitter I’ve came across a lot of knowledgeable people, but I don’t

think anyone is owning the NFT space more than Cam.

Cam’s attention to detail when it comes to spotting promising crypto and NFT

projects is impressive. It was a no brainer to reach out to him and pick his brain about

the NFT space and some projects that he’s excited about.

Me: Crypto Cam! Thanks for taking the time to chat. How are you?

Crypto Cam: No problem! I’m doing well. How about you?

Me: I can’t complain bro. I noticed you post a lot about crypto which I’m super into.

How long have you been in the crypto space?

Crypto Cam: Yeah, I love me some crypto man. I’ve known of crypto since 2011, but

never jumped in until 2017. From there I went down the rabbit hole and never looked

back lol My life has changed ever since. So many blessings. At first it was about

making profit alone, but when I realized why the tech was so important I couldn’t stop

learning. Even today I spend 8 hours a day learning about it. Crypto empowers

people. It gives Freedom, and so much more. It’s truly a beautiful structure.


Me: Woah that’s dope as hell. What was the first crypto you ever learned about and

how did you come across it?

Crypto Cam: The first crypto I ever learned about was Bitcoin, because that was the

most trendy and known at the time. Once I dove into the whitepaper I immediately

understood the potential. It then led me to Ethereum and smart contracts. I invested

the majority of my time initially in Ethereum since I knew the majority of people were

mainly focused on Bitcoin. I had investments at the time in Bitcoin, Ethereum,

Litecoin, BAT, and Dogecoin.

Me: Talk about early adoption! I thought I was early. 2011 is literally the epitome of

early stage crypto. What’s your opinion of people who still doubt crypto’s future?

Crypto Cam: It really is I believe people who have doubts should keep an open mind.

I respect their opinion, but as the days go by you realize this is inevitable. A lot of people who bet

against tech normally get cooked. Again, I believe it would wise to at the least

educate themselves on the technology. Alot of people who doubt, think it’s a scam,

etc. don’t do their research.

Me: Very true I think it’s safe to say that crypto is here to stay. Is there any other type

investment outside of crypto that you’re interested in?

Crypto Cam: I would recommend people get educated about cryptocurrency

through books, YouTube videos, Udemy, podcasts, etc before jumping in. Resources

like this in terms of a particular cryptocurrency I would recommend focusing on Layer

1 protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOT, SOL, AVAX, etc. for beginners. Layer 1s are

the safer play.

Me: Let’s talk about NFTs. How do you feel about them and what are some projects

that have caught your attention?

Crypto Cam: I believe NFTs are exciting. I see so much potential within gaming,

metaverse, collecting, and so much more. NFTs are here to stay. Not only can you

collect, and trade NFTs, but there are projects that you can now stake your NFTs. For

example, Avaxapes. You earn rewards for holding. You can even buy an index of NFTs,

or even fractional shares of an NFT. You now even have deflationary NFTs. It’s truly a

wild and exciting space. Projects I’m interested in are more the staking, fractional, and

deflationary projects with a supply under 10,000.

Me: Damn that sounds exciting! Last question. Growing up what was your

interpretation of money and how do you feel about money now?

Crypto Cam: Growing up my interpretation of money was to make more, save it, put it

in a 401K, based off of what I was told from family and school. Now a days I focus on

those, but I mostly invest in crypto and stocks. When I was growing up crypto wasn’t

really around so I understand why the majority thought of it as a scam. My family isn’t

huge in the tech space, unlike myself. I’m a big techie. Love it. Although, I understand

it’s risks. Ultimately, I really enjoy investing in tech these days more than anything


Me: If you could give advice to someone who wants to create financial freedom for

themselves what would you say?

Crypto Cam: I would suggest first and foremost gain financial literacy. For example,

read Rich Dad Poor Dad to get an idea on how to keep the money you begin to earn

through side hustles, investments, etc. If you have no financial literacy the money you

do make will leave you if you don’t have a plan. From there after you’ve acquired

financial literacy find your niche area, solve a problem, build relationships (Twitter, in

person, etc), learn from those who are successful at what you want to become, focus

on helping people. Find a way to sell your niche area. Do all these and financial

freedom will be right around the corner. It will come naturally. Also, stay consistent

and show up every day.

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