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Why the Pentagon’s Former Software Chief Believes China Won the Race to AI Domination.

Nicolas Chaillan, the Pentagon’s first chief software officer believes that America is

doomed. Now I’m no expert but I do believe that AI is the future. So if Boss Chaillan

thinks China is taking the W over the states, shit.. I’m going to listen.

So what’s the scoop, is USA lacking AI or nah?

Well first thing’s first, Chaillan hasn’t been happy with USA’s outlook on AI for a while

now. In fact, sources say it’s a big reason why he left the Pentagon in the first place.

Apparently its so bad that Chaillan has gone on record to state that USA’s AI is on a

“kindergarten level” compared to China. It’s a large reason why he suspects that

China will be ahead in AI for the next 15 to 20 years.

Is it that serious though?

I mean… yeah? Now I’m not gonna lie, you probably don’t give a rat’s ass about AI

right now. But that’s only because its still in it’s developmental stages. AI is coming.

And if the US is as behind as Sir Chaillan says, then it won’t be the only country that’s

screwed. Don’t believe me? Think about it. The US is still one of the industry leaders

in business so if we don’t have our shit together then how will others. No, I don’t

mean Canada silly, they’re just fine. Think about second and third world countries.

So what’s USA doing about AI in the meantime?

Well, currently Silicon Valley is investing tons of dollars in the AI space. More recently,

major projects have been coming from Neuralink , Mind-X , Paradromics , and many

more. So its not like we’re not doing anything, it just means that we gotta watch our

backs. Its worth mentioning that AI is being designed to do way more then have a

baby robot deliver bubble tea to your front door. The primary intention at this point is

to create as much seamless connection between our mind and technology. Think

Cookie’s glasses from Ned’s Declassified, but like the glasses are your eyeballs.

Weird, I know. But stay tuned, AI is coming regardless if the states are ready or not.

How do you feel about AI?