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3 Money Tips You Could Learn From Million Dollar ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Matt Amodio.

Matt Amodio is one of the biggest ballers in Jeopardy. Dude made so much bank he

made the news so it’s only right to cover him today.

He’s oddly consistent.

Since jumping on Jeopardy, dude has been on a 38 game winning streak without

blinking. Day in and day out he showed up and produced a winning performance

which is a large reason why he’s successful today. The point? The same outlook

works in finance. Think about it, investing requires consistency and a winning

performance. By investing on a regular basis you’re giving yourself the greatest

opportunity to win in the long run.

He’s serious about his craft.

Being on Jeopardy is no joke. It requires a ton of studying and the tough part? Its all

recorded live on television. To win in this show is no small feat; let alone to do it 38

times! Some people don’t even do their research before they buy crypto but they

wanna wake up as rich as Bezos. My suggestion? Get serious about your investing

craft. Don’t just yolo your money, actually do some damn research. The more you

educate yourself the better chance you’ll have at being successful.

He sets goals.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Matt’s story is that he isn’t stopping. Most people

would win at a show like Jeopardy, change their Twitter bio, and go chill. But not this

guy. He’s already plotting on moving up on the top 10 biggest Jeopardy winners list.

This rule should be adopted when it comes to money. Why stop growing your

portfolio just because you hit a goal? Keep saving, keep investing, and keep learning

about money. You’d be surprised where it can lead you.